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Iris Pro 1.1.7 Multilingual 一款方便實用、功能強大的電腦防藍光護眼軟件
Iris Pro是一款方便實用、功能強大的電腦防藍光護眼軟件,針對廣大的辦公室用戶準備的電腦護眼軟件,特別是電腦工作者更加需要保護眼睛,長時間盯著電腦工作經常會感到眼睛疲勞,時間長了容易造成視力下降。它支持自定義字體和色彩顯示選項,提供了人性化的藍光、亮度設置選項,可以一鍵調整藍光的色值,最大限度的減少藍光攝入。軟件支持智能識別顏色配置,支持顏色翻轉。同時可以對藍光進行控制,併合理調節屏幕亮度、顏色、色溫等來實現對眼睛的保護,擁有最完善顯示器控制,如果用戶因為某些網頁的背景而出現閱讀困難,用戶甚至可以反轉顏色。

The prolonged time we spend in front of a screen takes its toll on our eyesight, with the default settings our devices offer being oftentimes overwhelming with their intensity. That is why a software solution such as Iris comes in very handy if you want to adjust the color as well as its temperature and brightness in order to ensure there is no room for eyestrain.

Can find the optimal configuration for your computer screen
First of all, you need to know that the program is packed in a sleek user interface that first and foremost prompts you with a series of basic configuration options. To be more specific, the main window allows you to select from three different modes, namely automatic, manual, and paused.

The automatic mode reacts in accordance with your local time and is capable of adjusting your screen’s settings in a way that makes it easier to look at. During the day, the screen will mostly show bright and blue light whereas the calibration for nighttime will reduce the overall intensity, with the coloration transitioning from yellow to red.

Includes several modes and types tweaking the brightness and color temperature
It is precisely this latter configuration that the manual mode relies on, letting you make the most of your computer screen especially if no direct light reaches you, and the need for high contrast is minimal.

As for the paused mode, it obviously puts a halt to all the color changes implemented by the program, with the possibility of reverting to your configured calibration at any subsequent point.

It is also worth mentioning that the application enables you to combine these three modes with any of the so-called types, which are nothing but thematic preset values you can use in order to protect your eyes. Among your choices, you will find health, sleep, reading, programming, biohacker, movie, and overlay, each with its particularities you should try out.

Provides you with a series of advanced settings as well
However, for seasoned users with very particular preferences, the beauty of the program lies in the goodies it packs in the “Advanced Settings” section. Here you tweak the color temperature and brightness, change the location, manage multi-monitor configurations, set a timer, and more.

This is also where you need to go in order to make sure the app does not intrude with your workflow, with the possibility of sending it to the systray, asking it to run at Windows startup, autosaving settings, using keyboards, and more.

Handy tool that helps you reduce eyestrain
On an ending note, Iris comes up with an intuitive way of reducing the fatigue your eyes inevitably experience when spending too many hours in front of a PC. It helps you find the optimal configuration for your screen, without asking you to invest any effort into the entire matter, so regardless of your tech skills, you can rest assured you will fully benefit from its capabilities.