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KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator Business 瀏覽器菜單製作軟件
KSSW FrontendMenu Creator是款功能強大的瀏覽器菜單製作軟件。用戶可以借助這款軟件為瀏覽器添加幾個功能強大的菜單,有喜歡的用戶不要錯過了。





  使用KSSW-Frontend菜單創建您自己的專業自動運行CD菜單/ USB菜單。

KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator - create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.

Menu Creator Software
Frontend Menu Creator
USB Menu Creator
Autorun CD Menu Creator
Frontend Menu Creator
You need a frontend menu,
if you have presentations, documents, or programs on portable data storage device such as CDs, DVD or USB-devices (USB flash drive, USB-stick) that you will be giving to a third-party.

Web Menu Creator
With just a few clicks, you can develop a platform-independent menu for a web-browser from your existing Menu App for Windows PC. Because the web browser menu runs on a web browser it works on all platforms: PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, USB-Stick, Smart TVs). Your menu can be loaded onto CDs, DVDs, USB-Drives and passed along, or it can be loaded onto a web server and accessed from any system.

First impression count
Impress with your:
Advertisment, product introduction, application, slideshow, software-installation, CD business card, presentation, documentation,...
Impress your users with your own self-developed cd menu
Reliably start your documents, programs, and presentations from your CD, DVD, or USB-device with a graphical user interface of your frontend menu.
Impress your users with your own self-developed user interface menu with the corporate / product branding.
Create your own professional autorun CD menu / USB menu with KSSW-Frontend Menu.

As easy as "Drag & Drop"
No programming experience required!
The demo video shows how easy it is to create a user interface with drag & drop, and how to connect documents to buttons »

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