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Meshmatic Pro Build 1105 3D引擎優化軟件
VRSquared Meshmatic Pro是一款3D引擎,它可以改善實時可視化和增強現實/虛擬現實應用中複雜模型的性能。通過使用Meshmatic,你可以快速,準確,和洞察優化CAD模型。

眾所周知,工程和建築設計文件既繁重又複雜,對於AR / VR等實時用例而言並非最佳選擇。通過專有算法,Meshmatic極大地提高了3D設計文件的性能,以實現沉浸式可視化。它通過降低3D文件的複雜性和大小,清理層次結構,減少GPU上的繪圖調用壓力以及提高幀速率來實現此目的。

Meshmatic is a standalone 3D optimization software for CAD and FBX used by architects, engineers and designers. It optimizes complex 3D models into a lightweight mesh that is highly performant for real-time visualizations and AR/VR applications.

Mesh Optimization
Remove overlapping vertices and faces without deforming the surface
Detect and correct edges in a mesh that are shared by two or more faces
Create LOD’s for individual assets
Combine meshes, including their node information (transformation, scale, and rotate)
A tool to combine two or more polygons into a single mesh without affecting topology
Delete non-manifold faces

Duplicate Optimization
Scenes containing many duplicate assets take up a lot of hard disk space and slow down interactive performance. Meshmatic, a 3D optimizer for CAD and FBX, uses different algorithms to simplify your scene and increase performance for real-time.
Duplicate detection technology identifies repeated assets and groups them in your scene
Deletion feature helps instantly delete groups that aren’t needed in visualization
Instancing of repeated assets significantly lightens the project file

Hierarchy Optimization
Assets in a scene are organized in a hierarchy of parent and child relationships. Errors in your hierarchy can make a mess in your visualization, Meshmatic is equipped with a variety of tools that detect errors in hierarchies and correct them.
Delete empty nodes that take up unnecessary space without data loss
Hypergraph clean up, our software can detect parts with multiple unnecessary nodes and clean them up
Ability to separate multi-shape nodes in order to perform different actions to them individually (like deleting, or adding LODs)
Ability to unify separate assets into a single asset

Data Insights
Meshmatic provides insight into your 3D model by identifying performance limiting factors. The software shows statistics on polygons, vertices, hierarchies, textures, material, and all other components that make up an object and scene, helping you identify opportunities for optimization.
Color-coded heat map to emphasize high-poly and low-poly meshes
Vertex profiler shows groups of assets with the highest vertex count
Live file summary that highlights project files size, nodes, faces and more

What's New:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.