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Real3D Scanner 3.0.303 x64 3D渲染掃瞄儀
REAL3D掃描儀(以前稱為3DRACS)允許您使用單個相機和視頻投影儀制作自己的3D掃描儀。它為您提供了一個研究三維掃描系統的完整平臺,並幫助您分析SL三維掃描涉及的不同參數。它也是一個可擴展的網格和點處理系統,可以執行平滑、清理、過濾、抽取、點重建、註冊、合並和孔填充等操作。它能夠導入和導出60多種著名的三維幾何文件格式,包括(3D PDF ready)U3D、PLY、STL、OBJ、OFF、3DS、WRL、COLLADA,它還允許您在三維環境中查看、轉換、編輯和增強二維圖像。它具有一系列功能,包括圖像查看、平滑、噪聲去除、邊緣檢測、調整大小和顏色調整等。

REAL3D SCANNER (formerly 3DRACS) allows you to make your own 3D scanner with a single camera and a video projector. It provides you a complete platform to do research on 3D scanning systems and helps you to analyze different parameters involved in SL 3D scanning. It is also an extensible mesh and points processing system that can perform smoothing, cleaning, filtering, decimation, reconstruction from points, registration, merging, and hole filling, etc. It has ability to import and export more than 60 well-known 3D geometry file formats, including (3D PDF ready) U3D, PLY, STL, OBJ, OFF, 3DS, WRL, COLLADA, X3D, IV. It also allows you to view, convert, edit, and enhance 2D images in 3D environment. It has an array of features that include image viewing, smoothing, noise removal, edge detection, resizing, and color adjustments, etc.

Rendering Features:
Ability to open large number of meshes and point clouds
Ability to export (3D PDF ready) U3D file format. Test a sample 3D PDF from here... (tutorial video)
Ability to import and export more than 60 well-known 3D geometry file formats.
Import: PLY, STL, OBJ, OFF, 3DS, WRL, DICOM, COLLADA, X3D, IV, CTM, XYZ, PTS, and more...
Export: U3D, PLY, 3DS, STL, OBJ, OFF, X3D, GTS, ASC, DXF, COLLADA, CTM, WRL, and more...
Ability to subdivide meshes using loop, sqrt(3), butterfly, linear, bi-tri, and 3-split algorithms.
Ability to construct surfaces from points clouds.
Ability to process meshes using many feature preserving smoothing and fairing algorithms.
Ability to perform mesh registration/alignment, cleaning, merging, hole filling, voxelization, etc.
Ability to convert DICOM images to 3D STL/triangular mesh.
Ability to perform mesh decimation while maintaining fidelity.
Ability to support batch processing (filtering, surfaces, registration) for points and meshes.
Ability to render UV textures on meshes.
Ability to visualize models with perspective or parallel view, even with sectioning support.
Ability to render textures, materials, colors, lights, edges, silhouette edges, etc.
Ability to render any OpenGL Shader. You can write and apply your own shader.
Ability to create quality snapshots for illustrations by applying various materials and shaders.
Ability to record rendering screen as a video *.avi file. Perfect for 360 rotation animation.

Real-Time Structured Light 3D Scanning Features:
Ability to capture color and texture during real-time 3D scanning.
Ability to scanning any object with 3, 4, 5, or 7-step phase shifting fringe patterns.
Ability to perform 3D scanning from a recorded video *.avi file.
Ability to perform 360deg scanning with auto-alignment/registration.
Ability to reconstruct point cloud or triangular surface in real-time.
Ability to perform phase unwrapping with powerful algorithms.
Ability to perform many collimating or non-collimating phase-to-coordinate conversion algorithms.
Ability to export real-time fringe images.
Ability to record videos.
Ability to perform camera calibration.
Ability to export point cloud or triangular surface of the scanned model.
Ability to filter point clouds, reconstruct meshes, register and merge them, optimization, hole filling, and decimation very easily.

Real-Time Virtual 3D Scanner Features:
Ability to scan high resolution point cloud and triangular surface with texture and color information of any 3D Virtual/CAD object in real-time.
Ability to generate and export horizontal or vertical fringe patterns.
Ability to analyze 3d scanning parameters in real-time.
Ability to perform real-time 3d scanning with any pattern resolution e.g., 512x512, 1024x768, etc.
Ability to export real-time fringe (object + reference) images.
Ability to export point cloud or triangular surface of the scanned model.

2D Image Features:
Ability to view, convert, edit, and enhance 2D images in 3D virtual environment.
Ability to perform smoothing, edge detection, resizing, and color adjustments on 2D images.
Ability to activate 3D animation with 2D images.
Ability to import and export of more than 15 image file formats including jpg, png, bmp, and tif.
Ability to display live CAM in 3D environment.

CNC Cutting Simulation Features:
Ability to perform CNC Machining for Rafter/Wood Processing.
Ability to perform material removal operation using many cutters such as Ball mill, End mill, etc.
Ability to perform cutting simulation even with multi-tools.
Ability to apply various cutting conditions such as Feed rate, RPM, Tool radius, Tool angle, etc.
Ability to generate G-code, even generated G-code can be run for verification.
Multi-threading technology is adopted for parallel data processing to improve performance.