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Better Blocker 2018.2 MacOS-隱私保護工具
Better Blocker mac破解版是蘋果電腦Safari瀏覽器非常好用的隱私保護工具,可以保護您免受跟蹤器和網絡上隱私侵權廣告的侵害。在Mac上的Safari中,讓您的網絡體驗更安全,更輕鬆,更快捷。
•由Ind.ie開發和策劃 - 這是Laura和Aral--一個在數字時代為社會正義而奮鬥的小型雙人和一個非常有利的非營利組織。

Better is a privacy tool for Safari that protects you from trackers and privacy-eroding ads on the web.
Make your web experience safer, lighter, and faster in Safari on Mac.

How is Better different?
• Blocks tracking scripts, tracking pixels, and behavioural advertising.
• Uses our unique, hand-curated, and open tracker database based on our own web crawls. Browse the encyclopaedia-like tracker entries on our web site if you fancy learning more.
• We identify and block the most prevalent trackers. This makes Better’s block list lightweight and effective.
• We base our blocking decisions on the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto (
• Developed and curated by – that’s Laura and Aral – a tiny two-person-and-one-husky not-for-profit striving for social justice in the digital age.
• Open, transparent, and free as in freedom.

Other features:
• Improves the readability of popular web sites.
• Spotlights the worst offenders… Did you know that the worst site we found on the web had 172 trackers? Better blocks them all and makes that site 4× lighter and 15.8× faster!
• Blocks blocker blockers (try saying that quickly a few times!) Whenever we can, we try to protect you from sites that try to put you at risk by forcing you to turn off your privacy tools.
• Exceptions enable you to turn Better off for sites that don’t play well with Better. Easily contact us about those sites so we can fix the experience for everyone.

Whats New:

Compatibility: OS X 10.10.5 or later 64-bit