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Time Sink 2.0.1 MacOSX-電腦時間記錄軟件
Time Sink 可以記錄你使用Mac各種軟件的時間,分別記錄每個軟件花費了您多少寶貴的時間.無論是前端還是後台運行,你可以生成報表更直觀的觀察.

Time Sink 2 v2.x | MacOSX | 
Time Sink watches how you use your Mac, recording the time spent in each window and program – whether that be foreground or background time. You can view and export reports, exclude apps and windows, and group related tasks together into one pool, which is then tracked as a single object. Can be run as a normal application, or a menu-bar-only program.

New Features

Use ad-hoc timers to track non-Mac activities.
Timers now pause automatically when the display sleeps.
Easily pause and resume tracking of your activities.
Choose time frame for Reports via simple pop-up menu.
Open exported reports in Time Sink to look at historical data.
User-definable time for "start of day."
View time usage as percentages instead of hours/minutes.
Use window title filters to merge windows from apps that include always-changing info in window titles, like the zoom level.
Choose the original appearance theme, or one of two new themes.
The App Store version of Time Sink is sandboxed.

OS - MacOSX 10.8 or Later

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