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Blender Plugin True-Terrain 2.79-2.8-Blender三維地形自然景觀插件


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Title: Blender Plugin True-Terrain 2.79-2.8

What is True-Terrain?

True-Terrain is an ‘All-in-one’ product. A product with a series of Custom Shaders, models and particle systems, that will allow you to create a fully believable, and photo-realistic environment using just blenders own internal tool-set.

True-Terrain has been created with realism in mind, and ALL of the materials in True-Terrain, generate and render, based on realistic values, which have been carefully put together, to mimic that of the real world. This means that, when you add dust to your terrain, or snow, or generate a water level based wet-map, they will all generate procedurally, and naturally based on that of the true world values.

The best; cheapest, and currently only product that offers powerful, dynamic ‘Auto-mapping’ terrain shaders.

True-Terrains, shader groups, have been carefully created, so that you can tweak every possible value, and be able to snap new groups into the current node tree, without the need to add all sorts of different mix nodes. If you want to add dust, to the crooks and crevices of your terrains, then the base terrain shader already has this option added in. If you want to add a top layer of heavy snow, then all you need to do, is drop one of the two powerful ‘snow mask’ tools, into the node tree just before the shader output node, let blender automatically snap into the pass-through and add your top-layer of snow.

Once you apply the True-Terrain material to your mesh, you will discover a world (pun intended) of possible terrain environments you can create.

You need to add some grass, flowers, trees or rocks to your scene?

Append one of the particle systems from the appropriate .blend into your scene, and there you have it. All the Particle systems, are set up, and ready to render. All you will need to do, is scale the hair particles in the particle settings, to suit your style, and Render!

True Terrain comes complete with:

3 different HDRi scene files @3 different resolutions each, and a custom world shader to light your scenes.
Over 15 different Rock models with custom shaders
A Nature pack, including grass, several flowers, trees, weeds and leaves
Gravity based snow mapping shaders
Gravity based dust mapping
Terrain mapping; allowing you to determine where your mesh generates 2 different materials E.G slope materials and ground materials, of which, you can adjust the terrain node group sliders, to determine whether more ground, or more slope is mapped
Wetmap generation
6 different texture groups, which have been built so you just need to snap the appropriate connections to your shaders, to map them onto your model
A customer water shader, with an ‘Snow/Ice’ slider, which will allow you to freeze your lakes and rivers realistically.
Custom grass, leaf, and flower shaders, with options to turn SSS on or off, change the amount of SSS and ageing of the models
Ageing of rocks, leaves, plants and grass, which will age randomly across the objects, so their is a natural variation across your scene.