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教程-Your First Day in NUKE [2018 course]: Up and running fast
Your First Day in NUKE [2018 course]: Up and running fast

NUKE FAST TRACK: Make your first compositing in 20 minutes, get up and running with the industry standard in compositing
Do you want to start your first day in NUKE with a Fast Track to get you up and running? And learn how to make your first compositing in 20 minutes?

Join this course. You will learn the industry standard compositing software faster.

You will learn:

– How to make your first NUKE compositing in 20 minutes.
– How to move in the interface with ease.
– What inputs are recommended in the VFX industry,
– How to use The Grade node, one of the most used nodes in Color correction in Nuke.
– Have advanced control over your highlights, mid-tones and shadows ColorCorrect Node
– Target specific color for correction with HueCorrect Node
– Unleash your creativity with the HueShift Node
– And because there is No VFX without Roto, you will learn how to use the Roto node with ease.
– Add the power of the Rotopaint Node to your NUKE Compositing skills.