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PDF Forte Pro Multilingual-PDF文件轉換器
PDF Forte Pro(PDF文件轉換器)是一款很好用的pdf文件轉換器,它可以轉換我們日常最常見的文件格式,包括word,Excle,PPT,PSD,Image和Dwg。同時PDF Forte Pro(PDF文件轉換器)可以很完美的兼容所有Windows平台,轉換的文檔無質量損失,而且擁有超快的轉換速度。
  將圖像轉換為PDF。PDF Forte支持各種圖像格式,包括PNG,JPG,JPEG,TIFF,EMFF和BMP。無論您的圖像採用何種格式,PDF Forte都會將其轉換為PDF,質量損失為零。
  使用PDF Forte將Word轉換為ePub,並輕鬆閱讀電子書閱讀器上的書籍。PDF forte允許您將word文檔(*.doc或*docx。格式)轉換為與iOS/Android和所有常用電子書閱讀器兼容的高質量輸出ePub。
  Forte軟件還可用於將adobe Photoshop文件轉換為PDF。憑藉高質量的輸出和最高速轉換功能,您可以輕鬆地將PSD轉換為PDF。原始PDF文件上的圖層和設計將轉換為PDF而不會降低質量。
  Forte還可以在幾秒鐘內快速將dwg文件轉換為PDF。您可以在幾秒鐘內輕鬆使用高質量的輸出PDF文件。PDF Forte具有多種格式支持,可將各種格式(包括DWG,DXF和DWF)轉換為PDF,具有很大的靈活性。

Languages: Multilingual | 
Simple but powerful PDF Creator software that converts most popular formats to PDF quickly. PDF Forte is an easy-to-use desktop software on Windows platform. If you are looking for an all-in-one PDF creator and PDF Forte Pro is the one you need most. PDF Forte Pro can help you convert most popular formats to PDF files. You can handle and manage your documents with absolute ease.

All in one PDF creator tool.
With its best PDF creation and conversion capabilities, PDF Forte enables you to convert more than 10 commonly used file formats to PDF, including Word, Excle, PPT, PSD, Image and Dwg. Additional features include the ability to convert word to epub format compatible with eReaders.

Simple and cost-effective PDF creation process.
The process of turning files in other formats into PDF with PDF Forte is quite simple and cost-effective. Simple interface and you can get to start with it even you are a novice. Drag and drop your files, set options and start creating your PDF files.

All Windows Platform Support.
PDF Forte is compatible with all windows platform perfectly. It could run on all main windows platforms like Win7, Win8, Win10, including 32bit and 64bit both.

Multiple languages support.
PDF Forte supports 5 different languages: English, German, Chinese, Russian and French. Easily switch between different interface languages.

Perform perfectly in converting office files to PDF format with batch process
PDF Forte lets you safely and accurately convert multiple Word/ Excel/ PPT files to PDF. All of the content on your original document is retained and safely shifted to the PDF file.

Convert Word to PDF
PDF Forte lets you to convert your Word files in doc or docx to PDF while retaining all the original content of your document including images, text and formatting.

Convert Excel to PDF
PDF Forte allows you to accurately convert excel to PDF for free. With support for both XLSX and XLS, PDF forte preserves your table formatting while converting excel to PDF.

Convert PPT to PDF
Convert PPT to PDF while retaining all the content of your PowerPoint. All the images, graphics, text and format are securely transported to the PDF file during the conversion.

Convert Images to PDF
Convert your Images to PDF. PDF Forte supports various image formats including PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, EMFF and BMP. No matter what format your image is in, PDF Forte converts it to PDF with zero quality loss.

- High Quality Image to PDF Conversion.
- Super-Fast Conversion.
- Support for all Popular Image formats.

Convert Word to ePub
Convert Word to ePub with PDF Forte and easily read your books on your eBook reader. PDF forte lets you convert your word documents (*.doc or *docx. Format) into high quality output ePub that is compatible with iOS/ Android and all the popular eReaders.

- Convert Word to high-quality ePub.
- Multiple Language Support.
- Fast Word to ePub Conversion.

Convert PSD to PDF
The PDF Forte software has also been designed to convert Adobe Photoshop files to PDF. With a high-quality output and top-speed conversion capability, you can easily convert PSD to PDF. The layers and designs on your original PDF file is converted to PDF without a drop in quality.

- Convert PSD Images/ Content to PDF.
- High-quality Results.
- Super-Fast Conversion Speed.

Convert DWG to PDF
PDF Forte can also quickly convert your DWG files to PDF in just a few seconds. You can easily use the high-quality output PDF file within a few seconds. PDF Forte, with its multiple format support, offers a great deal of flexibility to convert various formats including DWG, DXF and DWF into PDF.

- Fast Conversions: Guaranteed top-speed DWG to PDF conversion.
- High-Quality output: PDF Forte retains the original quality of the DWG file and converts it to PDF as it is.
- Multiple format Support: Convert DWG, DXF and DWF files to PDF by easily choosing which format you need to convert.

Batch Mode
Convert hundreds of pages to PDF and other formats, all at once. No extra steps.

No need to install any third-party PDF software or plugins to make it work.

High Quality
Reliable and free PDF conversion to any desired format with zero quality loss.

Straightforward interface
Intuitive interface helps you learn easy to use even you a novice.

Page Selection
Specify and select certain page ranges that you need to convert.

Drag and Drop
Upload your files easily with drag and drop feature.

Multiple languages
PDF Forte currently supports 5 different languages.

Path Selection
Customize your destination folder and manage your output PDF files.

PDF Metadata Editable
You can add metadata and to your output PDF files and stay protected.

PDF Security
Add owner password and user password to protect your converted pdf files.

Page Size Selection
Control the pdf page size from A0 to A7 when you are converting images to PDF.

Images Combination
You can convert and combine all images into one PDF files at one time.
Release Notes:

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit are supported.)